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Pacific Property Rentals & Management, LLC

        Serving families & businesses in Ocean Shores & the North Beach

Services Provided

Pacific Property Rentals and Management, LLC, offers a full property management service.

What this means to owners:

We handle marketing, tenant screening, monthly and year-end statements, move in and move out inspections, collecting rents and arranging necessary repairs. After paying associated bills and management fees on each property, a check is disbursed to the owner.

We usually ask for a 6-12 month lease unless the owner desires another term.

For the full property management service we charge one-half of the first month's rent, then 10% of monthly rent.

For the lease-up only service we charge the first month's rent.

What this means to tenants:

Looking for a place to live can be exciting and stressful at the same time. We understand and try to eliminate as much of that stress as we can by offering timely, courteous and friendly service. Most of the time we can complete screening and have an answer for potential tenants within 48 hours. On a continuing basis most maintenance or repair issues can be addressed and resolved within a very short time period.